A day in the life of Picasso

While Picasso was born in Spain, his heart was in France. Paris has many places where you can take a glance of Picasso’s work and life. The capital was very important to him – he knew he needed Paris to become a great artist. Of course, the Spanish Civil War was another reason, as it forced him to stay in France until his death.

Montmartre was a key place in Picasso’s early time in Paris. Here he met other artists like Van Dongen and Fernande Olivier, had lots of parties and, overall, lived a pretty wild life. But Picasso’s Paris also includes the surrealist movement of the Left Bank where he visited in the 1930, mostly for his appreciation of its café culture. He talked art with radical intellectuals and even met Max Jacob and Man Ray.

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Picasso museum in Paris reopened in 2016