Discover Art at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal is the perfect place for art addicts! Sculptures, photos, paintings, and customized works are all beautifully displayed thanks to the hotel’s owner, a creative woman who loves to think outside of the box. Visitors can sense a good taste in décor mixed in with true artistic interest. It’s worth seeing this hidden jewel, not only for the art selection created with passion and personality, but also for the great pairing of artwork and the decorative environment. We love the say this luxury hotel isn’t pretentious even though it is located on the prestigious Rue de Valois right in from of the Louvre. In four words: it does the job!

“Casia Vengoechea, dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet is this season’s superstar at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal.”

Why should you go? To rediscover the very elegant Palais Royal neighborhood of Paris where Chanel, Dior, Hemingway, Cocteau, and so many other celebrities used to spend their time, to reconnect to French simplicity in an artistic environment, and for the inspiration that will expand your imagination. You should also go because of the team that will suggest original activities with a Parisian twist that are not the usual dining or museum options, and because of their latest video that is absolutely worth seeing: a piece of art full of dance starring the terrific Casia Vengoechea, dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet… Check it out.

Where? 4 Rue de Valois 75001, Paris.

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