Original tea cocktail at a new terrace in Paris

We lately discovered an original tea cocktail at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, a lovely arty place right in from of Le Louvre. At the Lulli restaurant and its new hidden terrace you’ll be able to experience a new mixology idea based on 3 different flavors. Play with it and choose 1 tea among green tea Sencha, Darjeeling and verbena, then 1 juice between passion, tangerine and cranberry, finally 1 syrup among hibiscus, cordial lime and blackcurrant. Mix the three of them and get your personal cocktail.

As Romain Zbaraszczuk, chief mixologist says: “We want to celebrate the summer beautiful days and get new creations to surprise our guests with new iced home made teas, and the possibility to create your own story choosing among different possibilities.”

Why should you go? For this new cocktail tea experience and for Le Lulli restaurant, named in homage to the Italian-born musician, instrumentalist and dancer Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) who came to Paris to have a look… and stayed. (He became a French citizen in 1662.)

Where: 4 rue de Valois, Paris


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